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For the tenth pattern we chose a design by Anjo Krist.

Anjo Krist never planned making bears, it just happened. Anjo was visiting a fair and saw the most wonderful bears. Until that time she always thought "When you've seen one bear, you've seen them all".


She was taken with the bears, bought her first kit and tried to make her own. But the bear turned out quite differently. It was not that easy to make a bear. After that she started making her own patterns. The first times that was quite hard. For instance the head was to big or the legs were to long, but one day there was a very cute bear. Then Anjo started with something totally different, something you don't see on every fair, her cartoon-like characters.


Anjo gets inspired from her own sketches and drawings and turns them in her own designs.

For the month October Anjo had created a rabbit named Flopsy.

 The kit Flopsy contains:
- Pattern and description
- Enough mohair (brown) (25 x 70cm)

- Enough mohair (white) (15 x 35cm)
- Pawfabrics (25 x 23cm)
- Discs (6x 20mm + 4x 45mm)
- Washers (10x M3x12mm)

- Cotterpins (3x 2.5x28mm + 2x 3,2 x 32mm)
- Eyes (7mm)
- Nose thread

What do you need for yourself:
- Sewing Threads
- Stuffing materials