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ProBear exists 25 years. This anniversary year ProBear will monthly release a new pattern of a bear or another animal. This means that you can subscribe, with a nice discount, to 12 new patterns.

Marian Haarink-Getkate is the designer of mini-bear Marjo. Marian used to be a teacher, but now she is retired. Her whole live she has been active with needle and threath. She used to sew and knit a lot. Meanwhile she has been making bears for over twenty years. Mini-bears are her favorite. Because of the jolity, she likes to use different colors for her bears. Marian also likes to make matching mini-clothes for the bears. Over the years, Marian has visited many (international) fairs, and she has also regularly won prizes. This was always a very special experience for her.

Marian currently provides workshops in Borne in the Netherlands. She does this situated in the Textile Museum. A beautiful and appropriate location.
Especially for ProBear Marian made mini-bear Marjo. Marjo is approximately 10 centimeter long. Read the tips that Marian gives with the pattern carefully, because with a mini-bar everything comes very precise.
More info about Marian Haarink can be found at
You can also contact her to order the pattern of the dress and the hat.

To create Marjo you need: 
- Pattern and description
- Enough viscose (25 x 15cm)

- Paw Fabric
- Discs (10x 9mm)
- Cotterpin (4x 1,6 x 20mm)
- Cotterpins for waggle joints (2x 1,6 x  20mm)
- Eyes (2mm)
- Nose thread 
- Sewing Threads
- Stuffing materials

And if you like:
- Dress and hat (pattern available at
- hair with beads