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Terrier ca. 25cm

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For the eleventh pattern we chose a design by Ekaterina Makogon.

Now we first share more information about the designer of these lovely dogs.

After finishing her study Ekaterina started working. In her work she mist ‘being creative’ and therefor she took up her old hobby painting. In 2010 she started crafting teddy bears. This quickly turned into a success and nowadays Ekaterina is a successful artist in the Ukraine. Due to all the orders it is hard to combine all her creative passions. That’s why her husband helps out with fastening and padding the teddy bears so that she has enough time to design new creations.

Ekaterina does not only make bears, she makes all kinds of creations. On request she even makes copies of real pets.
Everything about Ekaterina and her creations can be found at


For November Ekaterina shares a dog with two colourings with ProBear. This can result in a very nice Yorkshire terrier or a cheerful Beaver York Dog.

The kit Terrier 1 contains:
- Pattern and description

Enough mohair ginger (20 x 20cm)
Enough mohair white (5 x 12cm)
Enough mohair black (20 x 15cm)
- Enough viscose (10 x 10cm)
Pawfabrics  (10 x 10cm)
Discs (6x 22 + 4x 25mm)

- Cotterpins (5 x 2,0 x 20mm)
- Glasseyes (10mm)
- Nose thread

 The kit Terrier 2 contains:
- Pattern and description

Enough mohair ginger (20 x 20cm)
Enough mohair white (20 x 25cm)
Enough viscose (10 x 10cm)
Pawfabrics (10 x 10cm)
Discs (6x 22 + 4x 25mm)

Cotterpins (3x 2,0x20mm)
- Glasseyes (10mm)
- Nose thread


What do you need for yourself:
- Sewing Threads
- Stuffing materials


Product Name Options Price Qty Unit
Terrier kit 1 (incl. pattern)
Price: €26.50
Terrier kit 2 (incl. pattern)
Price: €26.50
Terrier pattern
Price: €8.00
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